Mike and I died in the middle of the scene
The bloodbath melted all the scheme
Waiting for the last giant steps
smash at all
We catch all the gaps
we will not be alive after the fall

In the last goodbye i undestand
Mike and I will be stand
the fuel burn all the place
In the middletown live the last menance
Flee with the bandits
I got the last remains
Rule all the benefits
pay the loses and get the gains

The Jazz Jam not give me a five
Mike, Dave, and the others lost them lives
The secret pass, in middle of the night
The secret kiss, not a love sight
Born in the shadows, die in the oblivion
Twelve days to give a life
In the middletown dark jazz session
In a heart of darkness we dive

Mike died and run for the eternity
I wish I knew, I run and I fall
Blame, the mother of all the gods
In the spirit of the evenrning small
I hear the silence and wait for the show
Shadows of the jazz Jam i must know